Power converter is very useful electronic equipment that finds huge applications in foreign countries. In simple term, the power converter is the device that is used to convert the voltage either up or down as per the suitability and the requirement of the electronic device. These power converters work similar to the normal power supply in the way that they supply power in the form of sine waves which is cut into two halves by the circuit that is placed inside the converter. This conversion then produces the output that matches the output of the device.

Reason to Use Power Converter

There are several occasion when the electrical equipment or machine purchased in one country needs to be operated in other country. Using the machine directly in the electrical output may result in short-circuit of the machine. This may occur due to the reason that power specifications of all the countries are not same. A device which works at 110 volts in one country may work at 220 volts in the other. Hence to safeguard the device against any such situation and assure its normal functioning, power convertors are used. Hence in such a situation, a power convertor that can step down or step up the voltage is required.

Safety Against Power Fluctuations

Most of the electrical appliances that are manufactured are best suited to work at one power voltage. Operating at a voltage too high or too low than the designated range may cause non-performance and safety hazards as well. However many people who are travelling on a frequent basis may need to use these appliances in different locations and in different situations where the voltages may vary and fluctuate considerably. These power converters are very useful in such a situation because they can take care of all such power fluctuations and regulations and provide the appliance with extra level of safety.

Requirement of Power Converters

These power converters can also convert the AC voltage to DC voltage and vice versa or some combination of these. Power converters are extremely useful for people who travel a lot. Appliances such as laptops essentially need power converters because most of the business travelers carry laptops while they travel. Devices such as hair driers etc may need only a small type of power converter. Some of the devices and electrical equipments are meant to be used on dual voltage. In such cases, power converters are not required.