Power converters are very useful electrical equipments whose function is to regulate the power voltage and supply so as to protect the electrical and electronic equipments against voltage fluctuations. Various types of power converters are available in the market that people purchase depending on their requirements. Some of these power converters are explained below:

Digital Phase Converter

This is a type of electronic and non-mechanical form of power converter which finds huge applications and uses in many countries. The converter operates at low noise level and is used to generate stable and balanced output which keeps the appliance safe under fluctuating conditions. These types of power converters are very sensitive and hence they are apt for burnouts caused by lightning or power fluctuations.

CNC Converters

This type of phase converter comes under the category of power converter. These converters find huge applications in different types of computers and laptops and other machines that are very sensitive to voltage fluctuations. Hence most of the frequent travelers who have to carry their laptops in different countries have to use these power converters. They provide smooth output with little or no distortion.

Rotary Phase Converter

This is one of the most commonly used converter and is suitable to be used with many appliances. This is used to convert the single phase power to the three phase power. For the machines and equipments that work on three phase power, rotary phase converter is the best type of converter to chose. Three phase power is a very common form of power that is used now-a-days. The benefits of using three phase power are far more significant than the single phase power. Hence the importance of rotary converter becomes all the more prominent.

Static Phase Converter

This type of converter is perhaps the oldest form of converter that has been widely used by many people for several years. The purpose of this type of converter is to generate adequate amount of three phase power that is suitable enough for any type of device such as mixers, presses and other small sized equipments. Once the equipment starts, the converter triggers back to single phase working.

Three Phase Power and Ace Converter

This type of converter uses a three phase generator that comes with a power factor correction. This type of power converter is very useful and widely used. It is one of the best forms of power converter and many people look to buying this power converter for their usage.